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Mobile LED Trucks

Mobile LED Trucks

Our Fleet of LED Trucks come in a variety of sizes. These trucks supply their own power and can be the perfect solution for large or small venues. As one of the innovators in mobile LED systems, we have never stopped building the most versatile fleet in our industry. With the ability to generate our own power and turn our screen in the desired position, it is the perfect solution for large open areas. We offer more than 40 mobile LED trucks worldwide. In addition to our U.S.-based fleet listed below, our Faber and Mediatec brands offer a full line of mobile LED trucks in Europe.

  • BigMo 4

    The latest addition to our fleet, BigMo 4 is the largest LED screen trailer in the world, with a display measuring 19' high by 33' wide with an additional 4' ad banner around the entire perimeter.

  • BigMo 2

    The "little brother" of our Big Mo fleet can fit perfectly in smaller venues, or even a tent. With the ability to fit in tighter spots and raise the 9' x 12' screen, these trucks have been the solution for corporate events and sporting events alike. We have the option of generating our own power and can add audio.

  • BigMo 5, 6 & 7

    The must have at racing events like NASCAR, NHRA and IRL, these are the mobile screens asked for time and again when your venue is a large open area. These mobile screens are 20' x 27' and use Daktronics 13mm LED for incredible detail and brightness that can hold up in any outdoor situation.

  • BigMo 8 & 9

    With our new 17' x 22' Daktronics screens, heads are turning to see all the action. Self sufficient in power and audio, we are virtually a rolling television studio. With a 180 degree screen turning radius and on-board power, you'll be amazed at the quick set time.

  • Mobile LED Trucks in Europe

    Our teams at Faber and Mediatec offer an extensive fleet of mobile LED trucks in Europe. For more information, visit them at: and