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LED Technology

LED is on the leading edge of developing display technology. With exceptional brightness and product flexibility it can be used to achieve almost any look, indoors or out. More than just a concert backdrop, new LED technology is showing up extensively on television stages, corporate displays, and sporting events. With over 14,000 square meters of LED worldwide, our engineers stay up-to-date on all emerging technology and are leaders in display innovations with this lighter, brighter material. With many product choices accounting for brightness, lightness, flexibility and size, there is vast adaptability for the scope and budget of your event.

Learn more about some of our LED Technologies below:

  • Modular LED

    We offer a variety of modular LED solutions available worldwide with resolutions ranging from 1.6 mm to 30mm.

  • X7-HD

    As part of the family of LED products we offer, NEP is proud to introduce X7-HD - and innovative, highly portable, road-rugged LED solution.

  • Mobile LED Trucks

    Looking for a unique screen solution? Learn more about our Mobile LED Trucks - and LED solution on the go.

    Mobile LED Trucks