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The NEP Sweetwater Display team can help you determine the best equipment for any application ranging from a full-scale awards gala, television show, sporting event or music festival. We offer all forms of display equipment including: Video Projection – Both Hi Definition and Standard definition projectors, DLP and LCD options, front and rear screen options, any imaginable screen size and highly specialized projection techniques.

Whether your event is indoor on a stage or at an outdoor venue, we have a wide array of display technologies and mounting options to accommodate you. Equipment packages can scale to include playback equipment, audio record and control and high resolution switching systems.

Technologies & Services

  • LED

    Our engineers keep up with the leading edge of LED technology, bringing you the lightest and brightest displays to achieve almost any look, indoors or out.

  • Digital Projection

    We have a wide range of Projection display solutions to meet any need.

    Digital Projection    
  • Plasmas

    To display your best, our full range of plasmas, LCD monitors and 3D-capable plasmas can be combined, hung, flown, suspended and mounted in every way imaginable.

  • Project Design & Support

    We can work with you from beginning to end and help you manage logistics, design and implementation. We have experience handling just about every type of production and event around.

  • Hi-Res Switching & Projection Mapping

    Today's technology knows no bounds...and neither do we . With the ability to combine technology, project on to objects, blend borders, define shapes, and more, you can dream big.

  • Screening Room

    A ton of insight goes into designing our luxurious private screening facilities. With carefully designed sight lines and comfortable reclining seating, they’re ideal for your next screening. Also available is our state-of-the-art kitchen facility, conference room and reception area for hosting catered private events and parties.